Live Call Schedule:


Weekly Team Training Calls: Weekly Opportunity Calls:
Horn Team Training Calls   
  218-339-7777 code: 8013190#
Most Mondays 11am EDT   
712-432-3066  code: 299654 • Mondays 9pm EST  15 min Opportunity Call
  Thursdays 9pm EST  15 min Opportunity Call 
The Horn Monday calls are recorded and saved in the Call Archives of   Company Training Calls
  218-339-7777 code: 8013190#
  •  Wednesdays 9pm EST  Conference Call generally with Corporate Staff: CEO George Najjar, VP Michael Babcock, Dr. Allen or Jeff Krushell 
  •  Fridays 11am EST  Leadership Training Call (for all distributors) 
  *Note: If you are unable to join any of the corporate calls, most calls are recorded. At your convenience, you can listen to any of the calls by calling 218-339-2487. Use access code 8013190# (same code as the webinar) and use the date of the call as the recording ID [mmddyy], followed by the # sign.

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