• Are you ready to build your umbrella Brand and company that is your own?
  • Plug your network marketing business into your overall brand and vision.
  • Stay congruent with your true desires.
  • Realize the dreams you’ve put on hold building someone else’s business.
  • Learn how to build your dream business in a way that is leveraged and creates residual income.
  • Give the gift of transformation to the lives of others.

Take Your Own Life to the Next Level

Vanessa’s exclusive Holistic Coaching Program is for entrepreneurs & business owners who want to position themselves as a thought leaders in their industries, increase profits with honor, grow their incomes to six figures and beyond with a balance of relationships, inner self, fitness and wellness and overall live their Life by Design. It is a by invitation or referral basis only as it includes a select group of individuals who are highly committed, highly purpose driven, and share a very strong values system.

The Holistic Coaching Program is a series of high-level mentor/coaching programs designed to help you reach your goals and dreams much faster than you would on your own. It is a place to receive proven business strategies and step-by-step guidance. It is a place to experience support with a group of like-minded community. Receive coaching in all areas of personal development to help make your Total Life Success plan become a reality:

  • Creating Your Business Plan
  • Rolling Out a Business around Your Gifts, Talents or Experience
  • Do Work that You Love and Get Paid Handsomely for It
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Keys to Partnership in Life with your Spouse
  • Short-cut Techniques to Have the Physique That You Want

The Holistic Coaching Program was created specifically for those who are serious about playing a bigger game, doing whatever it takes with a ‘no-excuses’ approach – all so you can ‘Live Your Greatness. This is perfect for each type of entrepreneur so regardless of where you are right now in your business– whether you’re just starting out, looking to leverage your time, or ready to take your business from multiple 6-figures to 7-figures, the Holistic Coaching Program has a place for you. Book a Discovery Session today if you have been referred or invited or would like to be considered.