Why I’m Passionate About Entrepreneurship

If you notice my site, you won’t find a ton of photos that are like most of the “home-based business” sites that are out there… pictures of yachts, mansion homes, piles of dollar bills, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with desiring those things, believe me, I get my own share of thrill from “nice things.” But there is more.

I see entrepreneurship as a vehicle.  Our business alone isn’t the end all, be all.  I believe that it can be used as a vehicle to get us to what we truly want. It is a vehicle of our creative expression.  I believe that this vehicle can be used to set many people who are ‘captive’ free.  Free from fear, free from financial bondage, free from the time and resource constraints that they have on their life.  FREE!  That is what I want people to experience and I want to help them in that journey, so that they can do more, be more and give more.

When I was in undergrad, I recall being in drama class where the students in the class sat and we did an exercise with increasing levels of sharing.

The first question, “Tell us where you are from.” As we went around the circle the questions got deeper. The final question, “What is your greatest fear?” I would say roughly 26 out of 30 students replied the same way… that they didn’t want to live an “ordinary life”—just be average with no impact…you know, The white picket fence…2.3 kids….2 cars in the garage.

Having attended a Christian University, the further struggle I noticed people have was that if somehow if they weren’t doing something for God specifically in the roles of pastor, evangelist, or missionary, then they were really not living their life to the highest level of meaning.

I do what I do, because I have a passion for people to see that there are several significant areas of impact where there is a shortage of leaders dedicated to turning the tide. I believe these keys areas that have some of the greatest potential for impact include:

  • The Business World
  • The Entertainment Industry
  • Universities
  • The Government
  • The Core Family Unit

In particular, I feel a sense of mission in the field of business and feel that I was born for such a time as this, when entrepreneurship can be utilized as a vehicle where otherwise “ordinary” people can create extraordinary income that can fund visions and missions beyond accumulation of personal wealth.

I want to see us not only have success in our work, but success relationally. I want to see men and women empowered and freed up to have the time to spend with their families, to be better spouses and members of their communities. Time is such a gift. My aim is that we would have time to stop and “smell the roses” and invest in relationships around us.

The vehicle of entrepreneurship allows us the venue to give into the lives of others by coming along side others to help them in their success. Without helping others be successful it is impossibe to be successful. I love that about owning my own business!  My paycheck is directly linked to the impact or transformation that I can help make in other people’s lives.

What do you think?  Want to join me in this journey that is bigger than you or me?  I absolutely believe that it is and am looking to network and connect with like-minded people.  If what I have on my site resonates with you at all, then let’s connect! I want to hear your passion and purpose and what you are working toward accomplishing through this vehicle.

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