Success Stories of Vanessa’s Clients

 “Thank you for your amazing leadership! Your holistic approach to developing the best leader in me is highly appreciated.  Words cannot do justice to how I feel about you! Blessed to be on this journey with you as we both lock arms with people who long to be set free from this modern day culture “rat race” – I am thankful to say that by choosing to put my God first, my husband above my kids, working diligently and with “purpose” – like you I am on my way to an income I had in the past only dreamed of! I give what I have and I do what I do as if I were doing it unto Him!! Love you girlie and am excited for what is to come!” Lily C. mother of 7 girls, Former Paralegal


 “Vanessa, I shared your story tonight at my leader meeting. You have inspired us all. Even though I am in a different network marketing company you have helped me by showing me specific ways to be more effective. I have heard some of it before many times, but when you say it, it’s like it finally hit me. I am not a money business person. I majored in Evangelism!!! I am learning all about this business and I am thankful to GOD for your influence, your inspiration and your willingness to help me!Thanks…I really feel like a breakthrough is coming.” ~ Renee H., mother of 3, networker


“A question Vanessa asked me kept coming back to my mind: “If nothing were to change in our lives, what would our lives be like in five years?” In the past, when confronted with an opportunity, I would often ask myself, “What if this fails?” and this question would stop me from pursuing new opportunities. I decided that maybe I should start asking, “What if this works?” Vanessa, thank you so much for believing in me!”—Sissel, VA Stay-at-home mother of 5


“Trust me . . . I’m a lawyer. Okay, trust me anyway. Trust me because I was the last person who would ever do “one of those businesses.” Skepticism runs in my veins. Fortunately, I agreed to take a look and I have not looked back since. Vanessa, Thank you for being such a rock star and inspiring me to join this industry. I love your vision, strength and friendship.—Shannon, VA Attorney


“Vanessa has always been someone that I respected because of her impressive educational and professional background, and I realized that network marketing must be something great if she and Forrest decided to start their own home-based business. Vanessa, thank you for being a constant source of encouragement to me and for always seeing my potential.”—Jill, GA Former licensed social worker


“Because of two prior networking experiences, we had made a “family vow” to never pursue a home-based business opportunity again. I learned that Vanessa had resigned her corporate position after just 6 months of starting her own home-based business. Vanessa explained the simplicity and the ease of building a successful business while I worked my current job. Now I am on my way to all of my dreams coming true. Vanessa, thank you for your example and your spirit of excellence.” ~ Shandi, NC Former CPA and corporate recruiter

Audio recording of team member who worked with Vanessa who was “stuck”, had lost her mojo and with a few key coaching steps and building strategies was able to have a breakthrough:

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