What do I represent?

I am passionate about health & wellness.



This is me. I love to give people hope that if they feel “yucky”, they can do something about it.

My 3rd pregnancy I gained the most weight I had with any of my babies.  August 2009 I was stuck at 169lbs after losing 36lbs.  The rest of the weight didn’t come off like it had after my past pregnancies. There were only 4 pair of pants that fit me and I refused to buy any more at my bigger size when I had a closet full of clothes that I had spent good money on.  Clothes shopping became a chore.  I felt like everything that I put on I was trying to disguise and hide parts of my body

As a health and wellness coach, I knew what I had to do. After I got the weight off I felt like a million bucks.  Now, when I went shopping I had a new problem… too many options–everything looked cute! 

I am dedicated to helping people reach their goals. I am excited that I’ve found Boresha because I feel like I can empower people and help them get a kick-start toward the results that they want–healthier alternatives to products they are already consuming every day. 

I am changing lives through this company.  Nothing is more exciting than getting calls and emails with testimonies of success stories.  Are you willing to take the challenge?  Click here if you do or if want to learn more.

Why this business?

These guys are my reason “Why”. 

March 2010 I was sick that I couldn’t sign the contract on my kids’ private school for the fall because we couldn’t afford it for two kids. Not only that, but we had received notice that our self-employed (not cheap!) health insurance policy was going to lapse because we were behind on our payments. 

I had taken a sabbatical during my pregnancy and birth of my 3rd son, but I knew it was time to get to work again. My husband and I loved being entrepreneurs.  We had had tremendous success in the past–able to walk away from corporate jobs and sell our franchise. We had grown accustomed to the lifestyle of both my husband and I home with our boys and loved the time freedom and flexibility it had afforded us. 

If I was going to get back to work, as a financial analyst I weighed the ROI–Return on Investment that I would get from my time, energy and effort.  If I was going to take time away from my boys, then I wanted to choose the best opportunity and ROI.

Through my work with my Entrepreneur Coaching Business I had been introduced to hundreds of companies in the networking industry.  A friend of mine introduced me to Boresha and I was really impressed with the opportunity and the simplicity of model. I had previously taken a position but hadn’t done anything with it.  After meeting the owners and seeing the results people were getting with the products I knew this company would go places with or without me.  I saw huge ROI potential with this company.

I took a leap of faith and jumped in and went to work.  The trajectory that we are on with the group of folks who have joined us excites me.  The simplicity of these products surpasses anything I’ve ever done before.  I am helping people see how they can own their own business, start building a powerful residual income, and change lives with these products.  I love what I do. 

Want to learn more? Click here.

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